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This new report on financing the circular economy, provides directions for overcoming financial barriers that circular businesses encounter. Download the free ebook below to discover new ways companies are collaborating to create a circular chain so that all participants earn a piece of the pie.

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What you'll find inside

The report specifically addresses financing issues during the use phase of the produce lifecycle including: 

Contract-based Financing

Risks for Investors

Cash Flow-based Financing

The need for increased working capital, such as buying machines with a longer pay back period

An important factor when the ownership and maintenance of the product is shifted from the consumer to the manufacturer

How to predict the success of this new product-market combination and combat the perceived risks

Our mission is to realign the current financial system with the real economy by identifying financial barriers to circular business practices and developing solutions to overcome them.

Elisa Achterberg, Project Manager Circle Finance

Aglaia Fischer, Project Manager Circle Finance


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